Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Production tool

I'm pretty happy with the rough draft of the production tool, it came in a timely manner as soon as the time savings were realized. I had hoped that the company would have increased the number of needed personnel, however it is what it is.

That aside, it was a bit of a challenge since the initial coding of AutoIT was to capture CTRL + C key stroke, but with that it totally hinders the computer from copying / capturing anything into the Clipboard so I had to improvise to have the program do a rolling copy and paste.

Of course with that I was wary about simply dumping all data from clipboard especially if it was a binary data and what I wanted was only the text portion and was able to successfully capture the text only clipboard content. The other challenge was to code AutoIT to know when there were changes in the Clipboard, so I inserted a 250 millisecond timer to check if the clipboard index changed which did the trick beautifully.

For now it's pretty much a program that runs in the background, minding it's own business and capturing text as soon as they appear in the MS Clipboard. Near future developments are to build that coveted GUI (need to learn / experiment), text parsing of the Billing Account Number (BAN), Order ID (OID) and Order Action ID (OAID) to auto fill / build the SQL scripts quickly and accurately, not forgetting a pause button and probably I envision a left and right free text area to separate out the XML and the Production customer data and error issues.

I'm excited to see how well the final program will work. I'm already using the rough draft for now and am eager to do more coding to make it a refined tool for production.

Nothing much happening on the screen capture program for now though, but I have definitely made up my mind to have it move towards dumping into open source / freeware open office else into an Adobe Acrobat PDF format.