Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Version 1.9 Screen capture and Lean IT

My company has finally adopted the Lean IT methodology, something which I have, to a certain degree, already been practicing with my screen capture program and trying hard to promote it within my team. With the current tightening budget, it was then and only then that my software was recognized as a very useful tool to the Amdocs Consulting Division / Software Testing and has since come a long way from it's experimental stage to a pretty refined & polished product.

Tonight in about 2.5 hours I was able to code the local machine time stamping modules, opening generic test.docx for saving in the new docx file format and still have a few more functionalities to get done. Also changed the F10 keyboard button capture to the Print Screen button and to compile, a combination of Alt + Print Screen.

On the to do list, besides the above accomplishments, is to limit the word doc to 1MB pieces (intermediate), ability to choose a new hotkey (simple to intermediate) for screen capture and compiling, possibly a GUI button to perform capturing & compiling, and farther customizing the time stamper since it will probably be used in Amdocs India (virtual time difference compared to CST is 1.5 hrs on Spring Forward / Daylight Savings Time, and 0.5 hrs Fall Back / Standard Time), Israel (maybe, 8 hrs virtual time difference I think), Toronto Ontario Canada (EST 1 hr ahead from CST) and San Ramon California (PST, 2 hrs behind CST).

In general I will standardize them to CST since most of the groups refer to things at CST, open defects and local machine time stamp logs are in CST, and again something customizable / automatic detection just in case it is used anywhere else say Amdocs in Cyprus or Vienna.

On my other to do projects are: Production Support automatic text parser (to extract Order ID and Order Action ID, from OMS the Ordering Management System) for SQL script generator on stacked orders (OMS now allows 2 orders to run simultaneously), Sudoku solver, and a tower defense type strategy game (Xeno Tactic like game, for those who are not familiar) else a turn by turn strategy game (think Deadlock type game), or even an interested ANN Artificial Neural Network entity... a software-organism which learns and adapts to the surroundings it encounters.

I'm also brushing up my Java again as I'm intending to learn how to develop Android Apps and also develop apps in the Windows Mobile arena since these 2 are definitely big contenders with Apple's iPad and iPhone.

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