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Mighty little Chromebook & Lubuntu to potentially replace Windows 7 on HP G62

It has been a while since I purchased a new laptop system, so for now I am back to my trusty G62 HP machine with Windows 7 (gasp). I still do update it and this time around, Microsoft put out a reminder that by January 14, 2020 they will no longer support Windows 7.

What this basically means is that there will no longer be security patches nor updates, the operating system will more or less be in the wild (if it isn't already) and potential exploits which have not already been discovered will soon be and the users are on their own to fend for themselves.

I have long expressed that in general, I think that the computing world and cloud computing, doing most of your activities online and also the advent and prominence of phablets, tablets and mobile smart phones really has changed and shaped how humans interact with the digital world; so much so that it almost doesn't matter which operating system you use, they perform the same functionality and just works. Definitely take that …

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