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Git basics

One of my passions being a QA person is teaching and sharing knowledge. Over the years of my experience seeing how many organizations really do not have a good enough on-boarding system, I took it upon myself to help make things easier to understand via tutorials. I still remember my early days when I started at one of the companies, it was a 3 page get started on-boarding article which I failed miserably. When I was finally successful, I restructured the on-boarding document to 13 pages with more details and screen shots.

This was so worth it and satisfying because the next contractor who came on board, was able to get all his systems (IBM WebSphere backend, DB dump and Microsoft IIS frontend) up and running in 2 hours.

I have come to learn and acknowledge the key soft skill that everyone learns and teaches in different ways. Some are more hands off & like to explore and read well written on-boarding documents, others are more hand held and / or prefer to actually see a video and…

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