Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Challenges in Screen capture and dumping

Being in the Systems Integration (S.I.) Consulting Division at Amdocs, the main project that we are in right now is AT&T's U-Verse Release 10 Ordering Mangement System. This encompasses Amdocs' Clarify Customer Relationship management (CRM) and Amdocs Self Service (AMSS) web ordering customer portal.

I find performing the HP Mercury Quality Center Test Lab executing test step tasks while concentrating on the software GUI and also remembering to manually grab a screen shot and paste it into the word document before progressing pretty labor intensive.

Surprisingly there has never been a software tool / solution created specifically to address this to help testers work smarter and more efficiently, so I came up with the screen shot capture and screen shot dumper (into MS Word) tool. The concept behind it is to have (on a per scenario basis) launch a program to specify where the backup images would be deposited, with the same location specified for the word doc to be created upon beginning the image dumping process.

The program runs silently in the background and F10 captures an image and when you are done F9 will automatically start dumping the images very quickly, sequentially and accurately and save up the word document.

Some of the challenges were space limitations and keeping the MS Word document small. After experimenting I knew that a *.GIF image though a little more grainy in quality, yielded smaller overall size when put into MS Word. At first size constrain wasn't a big factor, however when the administrators of QC limited the upload file attachment to 1MB, it severely hindered our usual methods and procedures of adding our end of day screen shots to the very first test step within Test Lab for a given scenario version.

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